A women’s outfit is her body armour, whatever be the dress code. The way you dress projects more than just your looks. It also makes it more than just dressing to impress. The right outfit can boost your inner feelings and drive you through your day with confidence. It’s more than just putting on the right clothes. It’s about vibing with your outfit and carrying yourself with conviction. It’s all about you from deep, deep within.

What is power dressing?

Although power dressing dates back all the way to the 70s, it became more and more popular towards the 80s and 90s as women slowly but steadily rose up in the corporate world. It started with women mostly making space for shoulder padded blazers and tailored suits in their wardrobethat eventually evolved as time passed.

In today’s world, while it’s equally represented in climbing corporate ladders, it’s more about you just about anywhere and everywhere you choose to go feeling empowered and good. And although the tailored suits remained, power dressing is no longer defined by a single style or look.

casual pants for women
Image Source: Pexels

To make the choice of wearing something like a blouse and a skirt or even a pair of casual pants for women can make a statement no matter what the occasion is, be it a formal or social one. Power dressing is also all about comfort. Feeling uncomfortable in an outfit would easily be visible through your body language.

Why is power dressing important?

The importance of power dressing has grown over the years as women strive for gender equality and thrive to achieve. The right attire is something that speaks for you and expresses who you are. Your style has the capability of portraying your personality. Be it for work, an interview or even simply hanging out with friends on a weekend night, it helps you acknowledge the best version of yourself and even has the power to boost your motivation that in turn helps you attain a successful day.

Power dressing tips

While your choice of outfit should indeed voice out your style, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. Your outfit, although bold, should not come off too strong as it could divert the attention from what you’re actually saying to what you’re wearing.

While maintaining your style, you need to understand the importance and purpose of your outfit for the day. From making a statement with bright or monochrome colours to prints and layering, you can easily create lasting impressions.

A positive mentality is a mandatory accessory to whatever it is that you choose to wear. This is because without a positive mindset your confidence could easily be disrupted with look-conscious thoughts. In order to make all of this happen you don’t necessarily need high end brands to help speak volumes. It’s all about having a sense of fashion that truly belongs to the inner you.

So, to all the women out there, the world is your runway. Keep hustling.