It might not come as a surprise that whatever task you need to accomplish, there is a smartphone app for that. Do you need to track your spending? There is an app for that. Do you need to be reminded about all the things you need to do for the day? There is an app for that. Do you need to track the number of steps you took or the number of minutes you have spent exercising? No surprise. There is also an app for that.

If you are a bride planning for her wedding, you would need to decide on a thousand and one things for you and your partner’s special day. With all these tasks and decisions, it would be easy to overwhelm or to forget about some details. Fortunately, the conventional pen and paper would be able to assist you. The list below enumerates why it is recommended that you use the trusty pen and paper than an app when planning your wedding.

Pen and paper would not need to be “charged”

Our smartphones and other electronic gadgets are no doubt very useful, not only for communication but for thousand of other uses via the help of applications. The only downfall is since it is an electronic gadget, you would need to charge it when the battery is about to die. You might argue that no one forgets to charge their phone and there are some backup batteries available. But in the event that you forget about your charger or the backup battery, how would you finish all your wedding prep tasks for the day?

Pen and paper could be a physical memento

You might think that pen and paper are just a bunch of sticky notes or the back of a receipt or your old-fashioned spiral notebook. No one would want to lug a repulsive notebook during meetings with wedding suppliers and with sticky notes; the possibility of missing one page is very likely. Luckily, you can keep all of your plans in a wedding planner book. This could be a physical memento that you could preserve to help remind you of your special day in the years to come.

Physically ticking your boxes is satisfying

One of the reasons why To-Do lists are effective is because of the satisfaction you feel of ticking the boxes or crossing out the task from your list after you have done and completed it. Sure, this could be done in an app as well but clicking is less fulfilling and rewarding than hearing your pen scratching on paper when you cross out one assignment from your list.

Wedding books have pre-made templates

Another advantage to going the traditional route is that most wedding books already have pre-made templates of checklists, to-do lists, budget worksheets to get you started.

There are a lot of wedding books on sale in the market that you would not run out of options to choose from. You could even get one that could be customized to make the planning book truly yours.