Whether you want to build a new place or renovate an existing one, be it commercial or residential, Engineered Wood Flooring is a popular and reliable choice. Engineered wood flooring has been a favourite flooring choice for centuries now. Most of the people these days opt for wood flooring due to a number or reasons and advantages which we will be discussing in this article, most prominent being sturdy and economical with the best returns for your precious investment.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wood flooring can be best described as a type of flooring which is constructed using different layers of wood together, generally three – plywood, an upper layer of hardwood veneer and the core. The core of this flooring is made from the most durable and strongest wood species namely Oak and Walnut. The three layers of plywood, hardwood veneer and strong core are glued together and the resulting flooring is called Engineered Wood Flooring. The upper layer of real wood gives the floor an elegant and unique look which is loved the world over. It is sturdy and reliable as the core is made of the strongest of wood species which also gives the flooring a long and extended service life.

Let us look into the main reasons as to why engineered wood flooring is considered to be the best flooring option:

  • Durability and Longevity

The most important reason for people all over the world to choose engineered wood flooring over traditional ones is due to the strength and sturdiness of engineered wood flooring. Engineered wood flooring is made up of layers with a really strong core in the centre and a solid top layer. The construction of this type of flooring makes sure that it can withstand heavy football in both commercial and domestic environments.

  • Lesser Contraction and Expansion than solid wood flooring

This is arguably one of the best advantages that engineered wood flooring has over solid wood flooring. Due to its intelligent design and construction, engineered wood flooring is better adapted to contraction and expansion (due to temperature and moisture fluctuations) than regular solid wood flooring. Hence engineered wooden flooring is chosen over and above solid wood flooring as it is considered to be safe in environments where moisture and temperature levels frequently change.

  • Easy Installation

One of the greatest benefits of engineered wood flooring is that it is easy to install. Whether you want to go with traditional fitting methods or the cost-effective floating method, the installation of engineered wood flooring is easy and very-less time consuming. The flooring can be fitted and fixed for any numbers of floors and subfloors along with underfloor heating.

  • Economical and Wide Range to choose from

Engineered wood flooring comes in a wide range of varieties to choose from. Just like solid wood flooring comes with a wide selection of choices, the same is the case with engineered wood flooring. This means you can customize according to your choice and also to fit well within your budget.

  • Chevron and Parquet Look

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly common to find engineered wood flooring in chevron and parquet styles. With the commercial availability of the desired finished style, it is becoming easier for homeowners as well as construction or flooring companies to get the job done in no time.

Solid hardwood flooring is becoming less and less desirable due to various reasons. The way solid hardwood flooring reacts to water, moisture and heat makes it extremely difficult to manage. Even the installation is tiresome and time consuming. It is almost impossible to do it yourself and will require the need of professional hardwood floor installers. It is also becoming increasingly to source larger and larger trees which are needed by the manufacturers to mill solid hardwood boards.

As Engineered Wood Flooring solves most of the problems posed by solid hardwood, it is preferred all over the world and has been in demand for centuries now. With its high resale value, this type flooring is demanded by home buyers as well as sellers. All of these reasons make engineered wood flooring the most ideal choice of flooring.