Long travels with pets need preparation. Each pet is unique. Just like babies, all pets don’t have the same patterns and preferences when it comes to food and sleep for instance. That is why you’d need to give a couple of things some thought as you prep and pack up for vacation.

Food & Bowls

Whatever your destination, make sure you’ve got plenty of food for your dog, even during your travel. If your dog only likes a specific brand of pet food that is perhaps, hard to find everywhere, you might want to buy enough packages that will last the whole trip. Dogs can be fussy eaters, too, and not giving them what they want can annoy them and make them unhappy, which you certainly wouldn’t want to deal with while on a trip.


Collars and leashes are very, very important, and it can be disastrous if you went on a trip without them. Of course, you can always buy dog collars and leashes at the stores no matter where you are. However, it is always better to take yours with you. You might want to get a couple of new ones and start using them before you are off on vacation. This way, you and your dog become familiar with the new stuff, which will be helpful once you are out at a new place.

dog collars and leashes
Image Source: Pexels


If your dog is used to going around with you in his carrier, it might be one of the things you wouldn’t want to leave behind. In fact, some find it so much easier taking their pets around in a carrier, especially when roaming in unfamiliar streets. If your dog does not mind being carried in one, and you don’t have space/weight problems, then you have no reason why you shouldn’t take it along.

Beds and Rugs

As mentioned, some pets can be really fussy. Dogs and cats in particular, might have difficulty adjusting to changes of places. In some cases, they just might not be willing to! This is why you would want to take along all the items that will make your dog feel familiar, comfortable and safe, even if it means you’ve got to take his bed and beddings!


If your dog has always been dressed up in ‘appropriate’ outfits when it is perhaps, too cold, or during occasions, you may want to take a couple of these apparel, too. Keep in mind the weather at the destination, and the things you will be doing there, and take whatever clothing that might be appropriate.


Toys are essentials, too. If your dog has his favourite plush toys close to him, perhaps, he wouldn’t feel strange and anxious at the new place. Thus, whether it’s a plush toy, or anything that he loves, stuff it in your luggage without a second thought!