You have got your date locked in, the venue sorted and the theme ready, but how about that invite? Designing your wedding invitation could feel like a difficult task, but it can be an enjoyable one once you understand the trends and the process. Do not stress the answers are all here.

I am sure if you are reading this, you don’t want the usual wedding invite to be given to your guests, you want to give them a card which showcases your personality while being trendy. You can make people recall your wedding just by how creative your invite was! Never underestimate the power a wedding invitation holds. Here are a few trends you could hop on for your 2023 wedding:

Floral and Foil

Keep it romantic with the floral and foliage designs on your wedding invitations in 2023. You can take in the natural greenery look from last year’s trend, mix it up with gold trims and beautifully swirled fonts. When it comes to floral it is all about the blush pink palette which gives the fairy-tail vibe and other hues such as darker blues and purple tones will definitely give out a similar essence. Flowers have been on wedding cards for centuries, in 2023 choose to pair your floral designs with brighter green tones to truly bring out the beauty of your flora.


If you want elegance and class then you can go for the monogram design. This is a timeless way to personalize your invitation and it fits perfectly in with a vintage-themed wedding. For instance, the popularity of the TV show Bridgerton has led to many people having similar period-themed weddings. Such weddings should embrace monogram-styled invitations as it fits right into the era. This type of card includes the couple’s initials in an elegantly stylish way.

Not only is it on-trend, but it is also extremely versatile. This is because monogram styles could be utilized on save-the-date cards, thank-you cards and even on the wax seal on your envelope! You can personalize your very own monogram according to your wedding colour palette and keep it incredibly cohesive and classy with a contemporary twist.

Varying Hues

Colours that provide a vivid contrast are all the rage in 2023. For instance, baby pink paired with navy blue is hot and heavy for summer weddings and the result is always a stunning contrast of an unusual combination. You can combine bold colours to truly make your invites stand out and add in a few floral designs to complete the wedding look. You could even pair up boring colours with bold hues and the outcome could be an astonishingly beautiful card.

For instance, the monotone grey colour paired with gold and black will give off an essence of extravagance, affluence and elegance you may not see as strongly with other colour combinations. On the other hand, you could tone down the bolder reds and blues with subtle pastel colours such as sage green to avoid overpowering as it is a wedding invitation.

Get creative and get colourful with your invite, your guest will be absolutely delighted to receive it!