The spyderco paramilitary 2 blue has an overall length of eight. 3″ weighs 3.75 ounces, a 3. 4″ blade, and is manufactured in America. That is a more substantial knife, made to be the tactical knife or a heavy-duty utility folder. I also understand that for many, that is an EDC knife. Individually, the Para 2 is just a little bigger than what I on average of prefer to take, but my knife has seen lots of use on the weekends.

The Para 2 comes with a typical Spyderco drop point blade. It has been offered a complete flat grind and is manufactured out of 3.5 mm blade share. The knife contains a nice level of body, a fantastic suggestion and has proven to become a huge slicer. Rounding things out is a well edge that came excessively razor-sharp. I have found that it is an excellent knife for meals preparation.

Blade steel is the capable S30V. Knife fanatics will not need me to state much about S30V; it has been well known for about ten years now. Also for the uninformed, that is exceptional steel. It’s been usurped by S35VN along with other much more than premium steels over the year, nevertheless S30V continues to be a lot more than enough for many people. S30V is fairly simple to sharpen, has an excellent edge, and may hold an excellent working edge for a long time.

Control, Ergonomics And Pocket Clip

The Paramilitary 2 control is black G10 over nested stainless liners. The liners have been milled out significantly to minimize the excess weight, and at 3.75 ounces, the knife is quite light overall. The edges have all been perfectly curved and the liners flush with the G10. Everything is screwed with each other and you have an open building style with two pillars and an extremely huge lanyard loop. Overall, handle structure is first class.

Application and Lock

Application on the spyderco c81gpdbl2 is accomplished via an extra-large Spider-hole. In addition, I must say I do mean big. At 14mm in diameter, it is actually a much bigger thumb whole than I am used to – but I promptly grew familiar with it and today I definitely think it is great. Deployment is extremely fast, easy and constant. That is an excellent knife to take advantage of with gloves and guarantees an easy and easy deployment with every single flick. Burning that extra-large thumbhole is a set of huge phosphor bronze washers. These washers are extremely smooth and go as the knife breaks in. Therefore, deployment is merely exceptional.

One more thing I like about the compression lock is definitely how convenient it really is to disengage with one hand. It might take just a little practice initially; nevertheless, it is simple to close the knife one hand without putting your fingers close to the path of the edge – a complete impracticality with a liner lock or model lock. This creates the knife that is definitely fun to use. In circumstances of pure blade-flicking pleasure, I rank it up there with an axis lock.