Just because no one sees it (other than you) does not mean you should not seriously think about your underwear. This should not be the way you think. You also have to know that wearing bad underwear could also affect your health. Wearing too tight underwear could cut your circulation, wearing too loose on the other hand would not give ample support. Not caring about changing your underwear daily could also lead to infections.

Knowing which style of underwear is comfortable for you to wear and suit your lifestyle will not require you trying them all on. Just reading about them (or perhaps asking your partner which style they find sexy) will make it easier for you to decide.

Low-Rise Briefs

The most common among all mens underwear, low-rise briefs fit most all body types, that’s why they are a favourite. They also come in various colours although it is best to stick to neutrals and darks.

mens underwear
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Full-Rise Briefs

Also known as tighty-whities, this style is not as popular as they used to be since they don’t look as trendy anymore. Compared to low-rise, they cover a much bigger area until the end of the buttocks and a portion of the thigh. This style is not advised to be worn while wearing tight pants since the line in the buttocks would be visible. A lot of men still prefer this style though because they are more comfortable. But if you are still young, you might want to avoid this as they are comparable to women’s “grandma” panties.

Boxer shorts

We all have heard of the Boxers vs. Briefs question and perhaps the question is popular is because the male population is really divided on which style is more comfortable. Boxer shorts are liked by men because they fit most body type and men feel less exposed while wearing them, that’s why they are preferred by those with body image issues.

They are comfortable, versatile and trendy. Although men who are always in corporate attire should not wear them since the excess material would be visible especially if the pants are tight. Athletes and those leading active lifestyles should also skip on this style since there is not much compression as support.


Thongs are generally thought and considered to be a style of underwear for women since not all men are comfortable leaving their buttocks exposed. But a lot of men are now seeing how sexy this underwear is especially when worn inside the bedroom. This sexy underwear has been responsible for some steamy and amorous activities.


Also known as men’s bikini underwear, this style is sexy but still providing coverage in the buttocks area. Preferred by athletes because of the extra support, they are also the choice for others as daily wear because they come in various colours and could show off the wearer’s personality.

No matter what style of underwear you prefer, you must remember though that the style is not as important as proper hygiene. Change your underwear on a daily basis and wash the new ones before wearing them.