If you are looking for the best Air conditioning installation in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, Wattley Air & Electrical is the company you should hire. It has been areputation for providing reliable, high-quality air conditioners and also providing the best service. Wattley specializes in installing and replacing air conditioning systems and has a 15-year labour warranty using fully licensed and insured technicians.

Wattley uses air conditioning designs to heat and cools either your home, office, warehouse, or store using the best quality known brands like Actron Air, Daikin, Fujitsu,and Mitsubishi. If you are using a developer or a  builder, Wattley offers to work together with them and provide wiring solutions that fit your designs.

Peace of mind is crucial to living a happy, relaxed life. These can be made possible using electrical services from a well-known reliable company that offers a 15-year warranty on all services they offer. It will also make you feel relieved to know that you can go back to a warm house during the winter or a cool home during the summer. It will make you feel motivated to work where you know the air conditioning will not stop working and leave you in an office that is not conducive to work in.

Different types of Wattley Air & Electrical services

  • Air Conditioning Services

Air Conditioning is one of the most essential electronics in a home. From high to low temperatures, to maintain an average temperature, heat, or cool down in your house, store, office, or warehouse, high-quality air conditioning does really come in handy. An efficient system that keeps your electric bills down while keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter is an asset you need.

 Wattley air conditioning services include ducted, split, and multi-head systems. It also catersfor repairs for all-round conditioning, re-gassing ducted splits, systems, ducted  $splitmaintenance & service, and ducted systems smart zoning kits.

These are the high-quality air-conditioning units used by Wattley, systems like a ducted reverse cycle, ducted evaporative, Wall-mounted split systems, and Ducted air conditioning solutions. The air conditioning is installed with features that are easy to use, haveminimal intrusions, and ensures that comfort is prioritized.

  • Electrical Services

Wattley uses a team of highly-skilled, fully licensed electricians that cater for installs, inspections, and minor repairs. These services include assessments to ensure electrical safety, maintenance of electrical household gadgets, use and installation of LEDs, upgrades on switchboards, installation of safety switches, ceiling fans, heat panels for outdoors upgrades on Mains, and upgrades and installs of PowerPoint.

  • Heating services

The heating services include full guarantees on all the materials used. Wattley will also team up with your developer, builder, or designer and develop heating solutions to ensure that your home, business, or office provides the best living conditions during the winter season.


 Air conditioning, electrical, and heating are essential features a place that people live in can have. This will help keep people warm, cool and provide them with electrical fixtures that are safe to use. There is nothing worst than living in a place that has faulty electrical or heating issues.

Wattley ensures that you pay for fully trained professionals’ high-quality services and a 15-year warranty on all services. Living or working in a place that you are assured of any service you use from Wattley can provide peace of mind.