One of the biggest developments in the field of information and communication technology is the way they are disseminated. Over the years, there have been many ways of distributing information and entertainment, however, the most prominent is the audio and visual realm.

In this case we will be talking about the audio side of things. In particular, the advent of speakers and headphones, as it is one of the main things that help gain information about the world around us and help us relax at the same time. Here is just a simple explanation on the evolution of the speakers and headphones.

Early Models

When we take the history of speakers and headphones, one can go back to the days of the advent of the radio in the late 19th century. Although revolutionary in the days of old, we can now say that they were not very good in terms of providing the correct sound and pitches. Moreover, it was found that these speakers often were not very clear in their sounds, as they would break every now and then when the components of the radio would heat up.

Late 20th Century

Fast forward to the late 20th century, especially in the 1980s and the speakers and headphones change quite drastically. The headphones being the most prominent trend in this era. For example, the Walkman and the discman were the first to introduce how headphones allow you to miniaturize your speakers without taking up so much space when you are travelling.

 Now you have the ability to simply to pop them into your pocket and listen while you are walking. Similarly, radios became smaller and stronger in terms of the volume control and equalizers to control bass and treble, which made it possible to listen to either voice or the background clearly.

Early 2000s

The era of the early 2000s were somewhat of a revolution in the world of speakers and headphones. There reason for this is the fact that many companies would often make specialized speakers for certain purposes.

For example, home theatre systems would often have their very own speaker system to make sure that the entertainment provided was to its best potential. Moreover, there were many changes to the earphones as well, since they would be made with special materials and would have incorporated more compact designs to make sure that it fits to the minimalist lifestyle of the modern period.

sonos playbase
Image Source: Unsplash

Present Day

Today, the world of speakers and headphones have gone in to the direction of being smaller and providing better sound quality. A good example for this is sonos playbase, which is a compact speaker system that can be paired with almost any home theatre system, while also providing some of the best in-house entertainment there is. In other words, if you are watching Netflix or watching or a movie, you will not be disappointed as the sounds would be loud and clear.

In conclusion, the evolution of the humble speaker and headphone has resulted in a wide and varied outcome.