Many healthy young people believe they do not need medical treatment. The term “young invincible” is often used to describe them. Some cynics advise us to stop going to the doctor until we are certain we need their services. Sadly, these are dangerous attitudes, as some of us discover every year. Even if you feel fine, there are numerous reasons to see the doctor on a regular basis. The main explanation is that certain severe diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, autoimmune conditions, kidney problems, and cancers of the penis, colon, and breast, need care before you feel or identify them. Doctors Rochedale will help you determine your specific risk factors and direct you toward treatment if you are actually safe. When you get older, the risk factors and warning signs change.

Doctors Rochedale
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In fact, the services provided by each clinic type may differ significantly. Some clinics have a wide variety of medical services, while others focus on a specific area of medicine.

Let us look at different kinds of health services that you can get from Doctors Rochedale, and how to find quality care in the sections below.

Baby Clinic

At about 6 weeks, all infants are encouraged to see a doctor for a health and development examination. The Doctors Rochedale conducts follow-up examinations.

This is a drop-in clinic for healthy children under the age of five. Please inquire at reception for more information. When you visit, please carry your “red” book.

Routine childhood vaccines are available at the facility or book an appointment with one of the Doctors Rochedale if you want a different date.

Cardio Vascular Services

All patients with a background of Coronary heart disease, Chest pain, or Heart Problems will be welcomed to an annual consultation with one of The DOCTORS ROCHEDALE.

In addition to documenting important medical data, patients can receive extensive lifestyle counseling and support, allowing them to live as normal a life as feasible.

Cervical Cytology (Smear Tests)

Between the ages of 25 and 65, smear checks should be done every three years (unless otherwise specified by the doctor) to minimise the risk for breast cancer.

Your smear will be due and you will be notified via automated letter. The Doctors Rochedale will perform smears at the surgery, and appointments can be taken via consultation.

Counselling Services

It can be daunting to confide with friends and family about your issues. Doctors Rochedale respond to your concerns and help you make adjustments that will boost your morale and ability to cope. Counselling is non-judgmental and helps to assist you in making decisions that are best for you.

There are sessions on a weekly basis in a comfortable, private setting where you can speak face to face with a knowledgeable counsellor. You can also request a referral to the counselling program from your primary care physician.

Planning A Family

Contraception is available from both physicians and nurses. pills, contraception injections/implants, capsules and caps, patches, or condoms are among the options for contraception that are discussed. The program also includes emergency contraception.

Interpreting Services

If English is the first language for you, we will support you with translation during your visits by providing translating services.

With a few working days’ notification, we can plan for a phone translator on the same day or a face-to-face translator.

For most languages, Doctors Rochedale can make this happen. The patient is not charged for this service.

If you would like to learn more, please inquire at the reception; you can also get a telephone interpreter if necessary.

Routine Health Checks

To see the Clinical Doctor, please schedule an appointment. If you are a new client to the Clinic, please schedule an appointment as quickly as possible, as your previous doctor’s medical records will take some time to receive.

Quit Smoking

One-on-one appointments over a twelve-week cycle are part of the smoking cessation assistance. You will be advised and supported by Doctors Rochedale during this period, as well as receiving nicotine replacement treatment.