Stress is common to use all. Whenever we have too much work to do or have crammed schedules, we tend to get exhausted both physically and mentally. However, there are simple practices that you can practice to relieve stress and keep things from becoming too much. Take a look at the following ideas to see what you can do to keep yourself fresh and productive and stress-free.

Lighting Candles

Collecting candles are not just home decoration and lifestyle habits. Especially when it comes to scented candles. These candles give off an aroma that will help you to build a calming atmosphere around your house or even your home office. Some of the calming scents are lavender, rose, sandalwood, chamomile and frankincense.

Reduce Your Caffeine

Whenever we need to stay awake for too long, we tend to drink too much coffee. Caffeine is also found in other food and beverages that we consume to give is high energy such as tea, chocolates and even energy drinks.

However, although caffeine makes us more ‘active’ it also increases anxiety and stress level in us. It will also interfere with your sleeping habits to whenever you feel the need to get a dose of caffeine to help you get by, try to control that urge. Instead, take a break from your work, take a walk (even just around the house is fine) and relax before you push yourself back into work.

Plan Your Work

One of the best ways to avoid pulling all-nighters (and thereby reduce the need for caffeine) is to plan your work. Get a notebook for you or install a planning app into your phone. In it, you can list down the tasks you need to perform in a day, prioritise them and allocate time for them. This will help you to stay focussed on the tasks at hand and finish them by time instead of procrastinating and keeping yourself awake till late hours.

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Have Time for Fun

Work is essential but don’t forget your personal life because of it. Keep your free time or free days to interact with people outside work. Plan a dinner with your family or a day-out with your friends. This will not only help you to focus on something other than work, but will also reinforce positive interrelationships with people around you. As a result, you will have a good support group around you who you can relax and enjoy with and also reach out whenever you need.

Morning and Night Rituals

Morning rituals help you to get ready for the day and face it with a positive mindset. This can include activities such as morning exercises, drinking green tea, listening to a short inspirational speech, journaling and writing down your daily tasks.

Night-time rituals are practices that help you get ready for the bed with a relaxed mindset. For this you can try something like meditation, stretching exercises, playing calming music or getting a diffuser with essential oil blends for sleep and relaxation.

Practicing these habits and building a routine that works for you will help you be better organised. This will help you be more productive without straining yourself beyond limits. Instead, you will feel accomplished and happier.