You need to make your anniversary a special day of celebration, and in order to do this, you need to plan intensely beforehand. Whether you want it to be a grand celebration or just something simple, planning before hand is vital to make it a smooth process as possible! If you want it to be a celebration that is grand with a lot of guests, the planning period must start at least 3 weeks prior. While you’re planning, you need to decide if it’s going to be a surprise or something that the two of you want to do together. Listed below are a few steps you could follow to make it a smoother process.

The Date and Venue

You need to pick a date, first. Usually the ideal date would be the date of your anniversary, however, if the venue isn’t free on that particular day, you need to choose a day that’s as close to the day of anniversary as possible! Once you choose the perfect venue, you need to pick a theme and colour scheme you’d like to follow, if any. The number of themes available today are infinite, so choose carefully and discuss with your partner as to what theme suits the two of you the best. You can either opt for a fun and crazy theme, that’s out of the ordinary or something classy and regal. Once you have chosen a theme, everything else just falls through. Make sure you inform the venue staff about your theme and get started with the theme appropriate decoration.

The Menu and Invitees

Having decided the theme, you need to first decide on the decoration that’ll go along with the selected theme. Along with this, create the invitations similarly. Make sure you mention the theme or dress code, if any! Make sure you post or distribute the invites at least a week prior, so that you get an accurate count of the number of guests attending. Once the invitation and decoration is out of the way, you need to put some heavy thought into the food you’ll be serving. You’ll have to decide on a great menu together with the caterer, and make sure it will be enjoyed by al the guests in attendance. The menu can be made once you get a count of the guests, so time to get your chef hat on! Don’t forget about desert and drinks.

The Surprise and Entertainment

In order to make your party a little more interesting arrange a surprise for your SO. This could either be a gift that they’ve been wanting for a while, which you can purchase online by scrolling through lay by or even something different, such as a video compiled of all the great times the two of you have had over the past months or years! Don’t forget about the entertainment you’ll be having at the party, and make it as exciting as possible.

These are a few tips to help you with your anniversary celebration!