Have you ever dreamt of owning a house with wooden flooring, just like they show in the movies? The problem is, hardwood flooring can be really costly and needs to be maintained very minutely. But you really, really want to get one installed, isn’t it? How about we give you a solution and talk about a pocket friendly, wood-finish alternative, which is a Laminate Flooring.

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It may not be surprising that London has the highest volume of online sales as a whole, but the picture isn’t the same when the different sectors are looked upon. But according to Google Analytics software, it has been reportedly found that London has one of the largest searches for Laminate Flooring in the UK.

So, what exactly is a Laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring, also known as Floating Wood Tile in the US, is a synthetic flooring product fused together. On the top, consists of a photographic layer that gives the wood-look finish. The core, beneath this, is made of particleboard or melamine resin, prepared from wood fibres which are pressed with heat.

Laminate Flooring can easily replicate the types of hardwood available in the market. It varies based on its colour, texture and look.  Oak Laminate flooring available in a number of colours, fit for both your home and office, is loved by all.


Laminate flooring was first invented by Perstorp, a Sweden company, in 1977, and was sold under the brand name Pergo. It was first marketed to Europe in the year 1984, and 10 years later to the US. Pergo is the most widely known manufacture of laminate flooring, but the trademark PERGO is not synonymous for all laminate floors.

Now let’s check out why it is considered widely as a favourable option and how the laminate flooring differentiates from Hardwood flooring and Engineered Wood flooring.

Why use Laminate Flooring?

Laminate flooring, without impacting upon the environment, can replicate the look and feel of exotic hardwood easily. It is considered as one of the best cost-effective options available in the market. It is cheaper than carpets and costs around less than half the price of hardwood floors.

Still not sure why you should choose laminate wood flooring over hardwood and engineered wood flooring? Though engineered wood flooring is also very effective if you plan to remodel your house, laminated flooring works the best if your budget is limited.

Differences between the types of flooring

Composition: While Hardwood flooring has pieces of real wood sanded into specific sizes and shapes fit for flooring, engineered wood flooring has only the top layer made of real wood. The core is made of pieces of plywood glued together.

If the thickness of the solid wood is more than 2mm, it is called engineered wood. If it is less than 2mm, it is called veneered wood.

Laminate flooring on the other hand has a photographic image of a solid wood (can be made into any design and colour) on a décor paper adhered to a medium density fibreboard.

Scratch resistance: Hardwood flooring is not at all scratch proof, and requires very high maintenance. Pet owners should never go for a hardwood flooring.

Engineered Wood Flooring is better than hardwood in terms of scratch resistance but not fully, since the top layer is made of wood.

Laminate flooring is absolutely scratch resistance due to the protective, photographic film. This always tops the list among pet owners.  

Longevity: Hardwood flooring can have a shelf life of a lifetime (if not more!)

Engineered Wood can live up to 50-100 years depending upon the type of maintenance.

Laminate wood-like flooring, when compared, has the shortest life span. Even if maintained well, it can stay good for a max of around 40 years. After that it needs to be replaced.

Dimensional stability: As we all know, the dimensions of wood change as per weather conditions. It expands during the summer and monsoons, and contracts during the winters. So, dimensionally Hardwood flooring is not stable.

Engineered wood flooring, because of its plywood base is comparatively stable and warps less.

Laminate flooring has no wood at all, and thus is 100% stable, dimensionally.     

Installation: Hardwood floor installation is a complex process and requires trained professionals to set it up.

Engineered wood flooring is less complex compared to that of the hardwood flooring.

Installation of laminate flooring is the easiest. They can be easily pasted on to any levelled flooring.

Damage repair: Hardwood flooring can be sanded or stained several times during its use.

Engineered wood flooring, just have a top layer and thus can be sanded once or twice only during its lifetime.

Laminate flooring doesn’t contain any wooden plank, and thus cannot be sanded or stained. If damaged, the planks need to be replaced completely.

Refinishing and recycling: As made up of solid wood, Hardwood floors can be refinished and recycled.

Engineered wood flooring has the top layer made of wood, and thus can be refinished and recycled to a certain extent.

Laminate floors have a resin-based photographic top layer and thus can neither be refinished or recycled. Once damaged it has to be replaced.

Maintenance: Regular cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth is required, to maintain its shine, for a Hardwood floor.

Engineered wood flooring too requires a similar mode of cleaning, as that of hardwood floors.

Laminated floors require no such specialised machines to keep clean. Since they are scratch proof, any normal cleaning works fine for them.

Installation area: The dimensions of Hardwood flooring change with the presence of moisture and thus it is not recommended to be installed in low or high moisture prone areas like basements, kitchens or bathrooms.

Engineered wood and laminated flooring can rather be installed in all rooms except the bathroom, as there is a heavy presence of moisture there.

Cost: Laminate flooring is the cheapest option of flooring available. The costing varies depending upon the design and colour you choose, but it doesn’t usually differ a lot.

If you are a loyal wood lover, and budget isn’t a limitation, you should go for Hardwood or Engineered wood flooring, for a greener option. But, if you want a pocket-friendly investment to make your home or office look super-chic, you should definitely give Laminate Flooring a try.

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