Especially for those working in the city it is very convenient to have a place close to their workplace and since the rent in the city is usually high many tend to get small apartments. When it comes to small apartment many think of making it more functional and think that it’s not possible to decorate their living place more aesthetical and this couldn’t be more wrong, regardless of the size of the place it’s possible to achieve both functionality and beautiful looks, it comes down to finding a balance between things.

Draw A Boundary

Ae small apartment comes in a more open fashion, the living room runs into the kitchen and in-studio apartment often you find the living room, bedroom and kitchen in one space without anything separating them, in due course this would lead to cluttering around the house with things getting everywhere, first thing first place stuff to divide them, maybe in-between kitchen and living room place a small dining table, and in a studio apartment, place the sofa back against the foot of the bed.

mattress protector
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Paint Walls White

Painting walls instantly brightens up the entire space plus if you can add a splash of bright colours, as the eyes skim through these colour transition it gives the perception of a larger apartment and brings out the vivid energy of the house


Look for small beds that would be sufficient for you, big beds consume a lot of space, another thing you can do is get a mattress splayed on the floor to use it as a bed. This seems to be in the trend. To prevent the mattress from getting dirty you could use a mattress protector.

Over this you can add your favourite bedsheet and pillows, to decorate your room even further get more small fluffy cushions that go with your bedsheet or room colour, and you could even get a big teddy and prop it opposite your bed, this could be used as a reading spot or you could get is a bean bag.

Place a small night stand next to your bed and you can decorate the nightstand with a lamp and a bonsai. Decorate the walls with fairy lights and polaroids.

Living Room

This room can be small and there would be very lack of space therefore don’t try to introduce a lot of furniture, may be for a couch just get a three-seater with a small coffee table and the television mounted on the wall.

Try to utilize much space as possible, of course all of us have stuff for spare use, don’t clutter them or place them in a disorganized manner, scour the house for spaces and try to place your stuff there away from the view. If your bed is high and there is space underneath you can even store anything extra there.

Go for Vertical Space

It’s always best to use up the vertical space by vertical space meaning from floor to ceiling you can place racks against the wall that are high and place your books or other necessities with plants, vertical arrangingtends to save a lot of space.