One of the first things you must buy before your baby arrives is clothes. You might be surprised at how many clothes the baby would need. As many mommies would tell you, you would not always have the time to wash the baby’s clothes. Your full attention would be on the baby most of the time and when the baby is sleeping, it’s the perfect time for you to catch on some zzzs as well.

Having a stack of clothing for the baby is essential so you would not run out of clean clothes and before you do your shopping, take note of the essential pieces of clothing for new babies your drawer or cabinet must have.


Babies are usually dressed in bodysuits because they are already a complete outfit. No need to find a matching top and bottom which could be time consuming especially if you have a squirming baby. You would not want your baby to be naked for a long time as well since the possibility of catching cough or colds is very likely.

When you go shopping for onesies or bonds baby it is recommended that you mix and match bodysuits in solid colours and patterned. Or you could just wait since it is a staple baby shower gifts and you might end up with a lot as presents.

bonds baby
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Don’t for one second think that your baby would not a beanie because you live in a tropical country and it is almost perpetually summer. Newborn babies get cold easily and a beanie would help regulate their temperature. Even if it is summer, there are nights when it is chilly or when you go and do your errands, malls and or stores are cold so a beanie in your diaper bag would come in handy. To be practical about it, there are beanies that are adjustable, so you could just tweak it as your baby grows.


Kimonos are a new mom’s best friend because they are easy to remove and easy to put on. When your new baby arrives, you would be surprised at the number of times you would be changing their clothes and since babies are very sensitive, dressing them up would be difficult. But since kimonos come with side snaps or ties, the newborn baby’s umbilical cord stump would not be contacted that much.

Socks and mittens

Similar to beanies, socks and mittens are also important in helping regulate the baby’s temperature. Mittens are particularly necessary to protect the baby from their nails. It is not recommended to trim the baby’s nails early on so to avoid scratches, wearing mittens is recommended.


Leggings are to pair up with the kimonos, especially if your baby starts to outgrow their bodysuits. Leggings are versatile and would take time before your baby gets too large for them because they are stretchy.

These are just some of the necessary pieces of clothing your new baby would need. If you forget other items, don’t be too hard on yourself. New moms tend to be overwhelmed but you would learn along the way.