If you are ready to get engaged to the one you love, it’s because you’ve found home in them. Here are things you’d ideally have talked about repeatedly before you got to this point. 

Careers and Goals

This might be the first thing you’d know about each other: what your dreams and passions are and how much they mean to each of you. You will be fully aware of each other’s plan- what you wish to achieve and become. Being supportive wholeheartedly through each other’s journey and expecting some of the ups and downs is vital and will make a great foundation in your relationship.

Your Past

If you’ve got to a point where you both feel ready to commit, you are likely to know a lot about each other, including things about your past. In some cases, or most, you are usually thankful for the past that you’ve put behind because it has led to a beautiful phase and bond you’ve found today. Knowing each other’s journeys should help you handle each other better and love each other the way you deserve in the future. 

In a case where your lady love was once engaged for instance, you wouldn’t want your engagement ring to remind her of a dreaded past. You’d need to look for a special one that gives her fresh flutters in her heart to make her feel like it’s the very first time. Thus, knowing about each other’s past is important. As for the ring, you could look for lovely designs and engagement ring styles online and pick one that will tug at her heartstrings.


There should be no secrets in this aspect. Where you both stand financially, and how you both usually like spending and saving are all vital things that you should know very well about each other. Some couples tend to have serious clashes in this aspect owing to the fact that it hasn’t been discussed and talked about in advance, and they don’t really know how it works with each other. Being clear about spending and saving and your expectations in this regard is therefore, extremely vital, and will ensure no misunderstandings or disappointments arise in your life. 


Before you have gotten to know your significant other’s family, it is important that you know about his/her relationship with his/her family. Not every person has a normal connection or bond with their family. Some may treat theirs as a number-one thing in life, while some may find themselves a little distant from their families owing to various reasons. It’s important to know how your partner sees his/her family and for you to offer the right kind of support to your partner wholeheartedly.


Talk about children and about the idea of having your own family one day. Again, it is important that you know what’s on each other’s minds in this regard – how you see the whole idea, and what plans and expectations you have once you been married. 

The Little Things

The little things are actually the biggest. Knowing about your partner’s lifestyle and their habits will help you through marriage a great deal. It becomes a lot easier to move on with your daily life from the time you wake up until you go to bed.

Whether it’s about how you like your coffee in the morning, what style of breakfast you prefer, or what you like to do before you head out to work, you’d want to know all of these things about each other.

You also should know what your partner is like when he/she is stressed and what you could do to make them feel better. As mentioned before, the little things are huge and should get you through everyday beautifully.