Having something energetic to drink or eat can certainly help you to focus on the tasks at hand. Offering energy boosting drinks to your employees is not only an incentive for efficient working but also to a great way to increase workplace productivity. So, what are some of the good drinks that you can offer your employees? Keep reading to find out.

Fruit Juice

We are not strangers to hearing the benefits of fruits for human body. Fruit juices are a great source of vitamins and minerals and also great solution to sugar cravings. Whenever an employee craves a little extra sugar to get their working spirit back on, offering fruit juice is a healthier option. Certain fruits are also known for combating seasonal illnesses such as cold. It is also found that cold-pressed juices are healthier and regular juices so if you can provide those to your employees, that is an even better choice!

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Organic tea is another energy boosting drink that you can offer to your employees. Some of the best organic tea type such as black tea, green tea, oolong tea and white tea are known for their numerous health benefits. Tea is known for being a calming beverage. Therefore, it is a great drink to have at hand whenever an employee is feeling stressed or jittery about work. It can sooth the mind and relax the mood. In addition to this, tea can also combat lethargy and encourage focus and efficiency.


Similar to tea, coffee is another organic beverage that can boost the productivity of the employees and keep lethargy at bay. Coffee is a great beverage that can act as a pain reliever for those who are working for long hours in front of computers. It can relax and sooth the muscles and help the employees focus on the task at hand. You can offer coffee – plain black or with a splash of milk – at the workplace cafeteria. If you are looking for places to get coffee or milk delivery Melbourne have several places you can rely on.

Vegetable Juice

Just like fruit juice, the benefits of vegetable juices are endless. They come with low sugar content, is full of nutrients. You can choose a variety of vegetables so that your employees will have a choice when they are looking for a quick drink. Choosing vegetables rich in fibre is always a better option for juices. In addition to the nutrients they bring, vegetable juice is also a great drink option for those who are looking to reduce a few pounds of weight or maintain their weight.


Unlike juices that are only a good option for thirst, smoothies are a nutritious drink that can also help with hunger. So they are not only a great option to keep the workplace laziness at bay but also a better alternative to junk foods and snacks. Smoothies are known for their ability to boost brain power and memory, and improve mental alertness. For the employees looking for a quick snack, offer smoothies as it is a healthier choice.

While you don’t have to offer all these types of drinks at work, you can start offering one or two options. You will be offering healthier food and drink options to your employees and also encouraging their hard work.