A handbag is an important aspect of a woman’s life and should be purchased by considering many factors. One such thing to be considered is to know the materials, handbags are available in.

As there are handbags that can be found in various materials in stores, you need to know which one is apt for your lifestyle and what is suitable based on what occasion you carry the bag. Listed below are some handbag materials you can choose from when you go shopping for one.


This is a well-known material used to produce handbag. As polyester is made using polyester yarns and fibres it is a very durable material.

Polyester is also resistant to chemicals. Additionally, it is very convenient for cleaning and maintenance which is another advantage of polyester handbags hence mostly preferred by women for everyday use.


This is another type of material typically made out of cotton or linen and is used to make tote bags that can be used by women when going to the beach or for grocery shopping. Sometimes the canvas material is made by mixing synthetic fibre in order to make it water-resistant.

Moreover, canvas material is recognized for its durability and adaptability due to its lightweight nature. However, you need to maintain it properly as they are usually available in white colour that can easily get dirty.


Leather is another famous material type mostly used to manufacture so many products which also includes the manufacturing of handbag. It is also famous for its durability and can be styled easily by including different colours.

Leather is of different kinds out of which leather produced by using certain animal skin is considered the sturdy and genuine type of leather. On the other hand, there is also artificial leather also known as vegan leather which is man-made and comparatively less durable than original leather.

You can shop for leather handbags online as there is a wide choice. You can choose from the many shapes, sizes, and colours based on your tastes and preferences.


Handbags made out of this material are an ideal choice to carry when going out for picnics. This material is woven to manufacture handbag that can create a stylish look.

Furthermore, straw material handbags are also quite strong and are less susceptible to damage if used with proper care.



Nylon made out of thermoplastic silky polymer is a synthetic plastic material which is a very common material used to make handbags. It is a very versatile material that is convenient for usage.

Handbags made out of nylon are ideal for everyday use as well as can be very fashionable. Also, due to its affordability, a lot of women go for nylon it. Nevertheless, these handbag need to be well-maintained to use for a long time as they are easily subjected to wear and tear.


Apart from manufacturing jeans and jackets, denim material is also used to make handbags. This material is very durable and looks stylish at the same time which would make a great material choice for it.

Denim handbags too can be used for daily use as well as for travel purposes.

Bottom line

Mentioned above are some types of materials used by companies to manufacture handbags for ladies. You can do your research to find out more details of each type and select which one best suits you and your way of living.