Children tend to change their likes, dislikes and hobbies every other week. Occasionally, however, they tend to cling on to one thing and this thing becomes their absolute passion in the years to come. Decorating your child’s room isn’t an easy task, as you need to figure out what they like, how they’d like it and most importantly; if they’d continue liking it! You can always opt to get professional help but sometimes even doing it on your own is fun, as it becomes an adventure to look forward to. Listed below are a few suggestions to help you with the entire process.

Picking a Colour

Your first step in the process is picking a colour to repaint the room! Your child might have outgrown the baby blue and the dusky pink, so now is the time to seize the opportunity. You should definitely ask your child’s opinion on this matter, and pick the colour best suited to the room. Don’t forget to take into consideration different things like the lighting of the room, where the window is situated and if you want all the walls to be the same colour. You may also have to check if the colour you use for the room matches the washroom!

A Theme to Go With

Next, you need to pick a theme along with your child! They will have their own favourite hero/heroine, and this makes things so much easier. You can always look up online for inspiration, therefore you will not have to go through a brainstorming session wondering what you need to do. There is plenty of inspiration all around you! If you’re creative and artistic this step will be you’re most favourite. The best part is when you can get a particular hero themed towels, kids cushion, and even clocks and similar items! Your child is bound to love every moment!


After the main elements have been covered and you have managed to almost finish the entire process, the last step to this is what sets the tone of the room, and this is the decoration! Now, you can do this in several different ways. You can start by either purchasing these decorative items online or even go shopping. By doing the shopping online you’re bound to save a lot of time, but it may take a few days for you to get the items. By going shopping together with your child, you can make a trip out of it and purchase the items then and there! Another great option is to DIY your own deco. In this way, you save a lot of money and can even spend some quality time with your child. All you will need are a few supplies, and the rest is all sorted.

These are the few main elements you need to take into consideration in the very beginning of the decorating process. Once these steps are complete, all that follows afterwards is a lot of excitement!