Just like how you change your wardrobe when a new season is coming, updating every spot in your home is also important in making your home comfortable no matter how hot or cold the temperature gets. This is basically important on the bedroom. To get a good and comfortable sleep at night, your linens should also match the current season.

There are plenty of fabrics to choose from when buying linens. Each of them has different features when it comes to comfort and functionality. Some fabrics are perfect for hot and humid summer and spring while others are also great to be used during winter and fall. If you’re confused which linen material to choose in your bedroom remodel next season, here are the different fabric available and which season they are perfect to be used.

Summer and Spring

Summer and spring nights are warm and balmy which can leave you uncomfortable if you don’t have good ventilation in your bedroom. Most people simply turn up their air conditioner to make their nights feel cooler and more comfortable rather than sweaty and sleepless. However, it’s still not enough when you don’t have the right sheets fit for these warm seasons.

  • Linen – Linen is one of the most popular picks among people who are looking for summer bedding. Its cooling properties are just the best making it popular not only on bed sheets, summer blankets, but also on other items like clothing. It can absorb so much moisture before starting to feel wet.
  • Egyptian cotton – This fabric is one of the priciest when it comes to bed sheets. However, the cost is definitely worth it with its amazing features. It is effective in wicking away moisture, perfect to keep you dry and comfortable as you sleep.
  • Bamboo fabric – Bamboo fabric is gaining popularity these days because of its amazing features. It wicks away moisture and dries easily making it perfect for warm summer nights. Aside from that, it is antimicrobial and mildew resistant keeping it fresh and clean even on longer use.

Winter and Fall

Winter and fall are cooler compared to the other 2 seasons. Nothing feels better than snuggling up in your warm and comfy bed during this cool weather that’s why it is essential to choose fabrics that can keep the warmth in the sheets.

  • Fleece – Fleece is just so perfect during the cold winter. It is thick, soft and warm; perfect for bundling up when the temperatures get low. They also come in different prints or hues; you can definitely find one that suits your bedroom style.
  • Flannel – Opposite to linen fabric, flannel is the best winter fabric you could have. It is warm and comfortable to touch plus it doesn’t take much time to warm up. It is like you are sleeping in a fabric when you choose flannel sheets for winter.

Get the right fabric for your bed sheet to be assured of better and comfortable sleep.