Father’s day is just around the corner and this is the right time to buy the best gift for your father.

There are a wide number of products available online which you can order right away for the special person in your life. Due to this reason, you might also be confused to order a unique gift for your dad.

To resolve your problem, here we will provide you with some trending and unique gifts for your father.

10 Unique Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

1.   A personalized apple product

If you are looking forward to giving your dad a pair of Airpods Pro, iPad, or Pencil, you can customize all these gadgets if you order them from Apple’s official website.

Here, you have an option to express your creativity by printing his name or monogram carved into his device. Also, you can insert a text or fun emoji.

2.   Bouquets of Flowers

One of the most simple yet effective gifts that you have given to your dad is a bunch of beautiful flowers.

Whether you are living in Wales or the UK, you can opt for any of the leading Flower delivery Wales service providers. Majority of flower delivery companies will deliver your flowers within a span of 24-28 hours.

You can order a vast number of flowers & gifts from these flower delivery service providers. This includes roses, lilies, sunflowers, gerberas, etc.

3.   HoMedics 3D Shiatsu Massage Pillow

If your dad is working from home, he might be facing issues of back pain. He can reduce the back pain by using HoMedics Vibration Massage Pillow with heat.

This pillow is highly popular among people working on chairs for a long time. HoMedics pillow is built using the ultra-modern 3D technology with a vast number of adjustable modes for different purposes.

Its circular kneading offers authentic massage experience and also loosen tight muscles.

4.   Host Freeze Beer Glass

Is your father not able to enjoy beverages because of ice and warm temperatures? Then it can be fixed using Freeze beer glass built by Host.

Here, you only have to freeze the mug minimum for 2 hours and your dad can enjoy beer completely. The beer glass is made up of insulated plastic with no-sweat silicone grips which can keep beer cold for a long time.

5.   Mono Programmed Away luggage for his future plans

Your dad will not be going on a trip in the near future; however, businesses are opening slowly, so he may be looking forward to a tour after a few months or next year.

So, you can give them a sleek set of language customized with their own initials. By this, they will remember their bag easily. The mono programmed bag from Away comes with a lot of essential features and looks stylish.

6.   Spider stand iPhone and Tablet Holder

Many times, your dad is watching content on the phone or tablet and has to switch the task from one hand to another as his arms hurt and he has to look for a stiff neck. Moreover, there is an issue of dropping the phone.

All the above issues can be addressed with the help of a feature-rich, lightweight, and comfy gadget known as Spider Stand.

It is a small yet useful gadget that can hold smartphones, tablets, and other devices up to 13mm. Using this gadget, your dad doesn’t need to carry anything, and he can place legs in any comfortable position.

It is one of the affordable gifts that you can give to your father.

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7.   Unlimited Beard and Face Maintenance Kit

If your dad loves to grow a beard and often takes care of it, then the Ultimate Maintenance kit is the only thing he needs to look after this face.

Consisting of an extensive collection of beard and face care essentials; the kit comes with beard wash, wax & oils for cleansing, style, and condition with facial fuzz.

Besides this, the kit also includes a zinc alloy razor and gel for shaving, including a simple skincare system.

This is also an affordable gift that you can give to your father.

8.   Portable Mini from Facebook

All of us love to stay connected with our friends and family members and Portal from Facebook is one of the most precious devices that you can give to your dad and stay-in-touch with him.

It consists of a smart camera that zooms and widens automatically to that your dad remains in the frame while doing video calling.

It comes with a lot of amazing features such as built-in Alexa, adaptive screen, privacy, superframe, etc. Out of all, the Story Time feature is most amazing as it allows Dad to read stories for the little ones even if they are not in the same room.

  • RockDove Two-Tone Memory Slippers

RockDove slippers are one of the best-selling slippers on Amazon. These come with memory foam which adjusts with the shape of your foot for pillow-soft comfort.

Waffle knit upper allows your feet to breathe with ease along with keeping your feet sweat and odor-free. The solid rubber sole will enable you to walk freely on wet surfaces without any issues.

10.               MasterClass Subscription

If your dad is always ready to learn new things and experiments a lot, then giving him a MasterClass Annual Subscription is worth it.

MasterClass is one of the best online platforms where your dad can learn a wide number of skills like Photography, Writing, Gardening, Advertising, Cooking, etc. from people who are great in the particular industry.

By giving him this Subscription, you will help your dad to excel at a lot of different things.


We hope that you loved our list of father’s day gifts that you can purchase right away. Apart from this, there are a vast number of gifts available online which you can give to your father to make his day.

The selection of a gift should be made based on two things: resources available to you and the likes/interests of your father.