Baking is a tremendously rewarding task, as you get to devour on your favourite craving delicacies once you’ve made it or even build a passionate way to earn around it. If you’re a professional baker, then your kitchen pantry probably has it all, but if you’re just starting up on the baking adventure then you’re surely wondering what are the most staple ingredients that you need to have in order to whip up even the most basic of items.


While you can make use of whole wheat or whole grain flour, the mostly commonly used flour when it comes to baking is all purpose flour. They should be stored well in air tight and completely dry containers, preferably in a cool shelf.

Cacao Powder

When it comes to whipping up anything chocolaty from cookies to cakes, having organic cacao powder is a must in order to add in a rich and natural flavour. Make sure you store it in a cool and dry place in order to avoid it from spoiling.

organic cacao powder
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The Three Leaveners

Baking Soda – This is known to give your baking goods a rise, giving it a soft and fluffy texture. It is known to work when put in together with acidic ingredients such as cacao powder, lemon juice, etc.

Baking Powder – it is often a most commonly needed ingredient in all kinds of baking recipes. Unlike baking soda, this is paired with non-acidic items such as whole milk. This is because baking powder contains an acid powder in it alongside cornstarch.

Yeast – while the above two are chemical leaveners, yeast is a biological one. This however is only mostly ever needed and comes in handy only if you plan on baking different kinds of breads.

Vanilla Extract

From adding aroma to rich flavour in your baking goods, vanilla extract is of utmost importance. This rids the smell of other ingredient such as eggs. Although the flavouring is very subtle, it amplifies the taste of entire recipe.


Both white and brown sugar is equally important when it comes to baking and testing out various different items. One of the other kinds of sugar needed when it comes to things such as frostings and glazing is icing sugar. Like the other dry ingredients, this must also be stored in a dry and cool place.


While butter, milk and eggs are the most commonly needed dairy products in almost every baking good recipe, it’s also good to have in hand certain other ingredients such as condensed and evaporated milk, heavy cream, cream cheese, etc. These are often stored in the fridge.


Butter is not just a dairy product ingredient needed for baking items, but alongside vegetable oil, butter is also considered a much-needed fat when it comes to putting together a wonderful recipe. Vegetable oil is known to give the finishing product a soft and moist texture.

A few other things that you can have in hand are the three types of chocolate chips as well as various different flavoured essence and extracts.