Before you ship something overseas, there are several things you’ll have to keep in mind. They’ll help you have the smoothest possible experience, and we ran through them. Keep reading.

How Fast Will the Delivery Be?

You can get the package delivered fast or slow. When going the slow route, it would take a couple of days for the delivery company to pick the parcel up. And once they’ve taken it, the transportation to the location could take a while, as it wouldn’t get priority service.

Having the package sent almost immediately is what you might need as a business, but know that you’ll have to pay much more.

What Type of Packaging Will You Use?

If the item is small, you can have it delivered in an envelope. A larger one would require a large box. Just know that you’d have to buy the packaging, as it won’t be in the delivery costs.

Being a business, you might want to get custom packaging. It would offer a more personal experience for customers. Be aware that it’ll be the most expensive.

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Is It Perishable?

If the location you’re delivering to is far away, it’ll be harder to get your parcel there if it is a perishable good. You’re advised to go the priority delivery route if this is so – the delivery company would ensure the item is in the best condition possible.

Freight Forwarder vs Couriers

Your package can get be deliver through a freight forwarder, or you directly working with a courier. The forwarder would essentially act as the middle man, organizing the delivery of the good. One of the benefits of working with them is that you get worldwide shipping services. They are more affordable too, as they send items in bulk.

Think About Tariffs& Customs

Speaking of freight forwarders, a benefit of working with one is that they handle everything, including the paper-work for customs and any tariffs that may pop up.

You need to decide if delivery to the location you’re interested in is wise or not, as the tariffs you’ll have to pay could be a lot.

Once you’ve sent the good, you might find that it can’t reach its final location. Because there is a ban between parcels coming in from your country and the other.

What Type Of Insurance Will You Get?

You’ll have to decide on the insurance you want for the parcel too. Almost all items require you to buy coverage. However, the company you’re working with could offer different insurance types. The more expensive one would be the best for very valuable goods. But what you’re trying to deliver is more affordable, so you can go for a plan that’s not too expensive.

Final Thoughts

Considering everything that was discussed, you now know that there is a range of things to keep in mind before shipping something overseas. From the list discussed, the most important would be the tariffs you’ll have to pay. Also, research and make note whether you’ll be stuck with a headache when it comes to customs.