The bedroom is no doubt one of the top places that a person considers as his or her personal space. This is because, it is the bedroom in where people usually relax during the day or sleep for the night. However, have you ever thought of what would actually make your living in the bedroom more pleasant? Here are a few of those must haves for any bedroom.


As the name suggests, a bedroom can never be called a bedroom unless the room has a bed in it. In the olden days, beds were mostly made out of metal or wood and it was usually the wealthier citizens who got to sleep in metal beds. Most of the modern-daybeds consist of soft, cushioned mattresses which are placed on a bed frame and are so much more comfortable. Other factors such as size, height and material are also important and need to be considered if you are looking to buy one.

tall bedside tables
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A closet is basically used for storage. It is an enclosed space, including a door that is used to particularly store clothes. A closet is mainly of two types, either fitted closets or movable closets. A fitted closet is built on the walls of the room and therefore apparently, it does not take up space in the room. Whereas a moveable closet is more likely to be made of lightweight materials, and thus can be moved around.


As simply as the name sounds, a nightstand is usually used at night to hold things. It is also placed at a hand distance from the bed, thus is making it easy for anyone to reach it from the comfort of the bed. Today, most people consider tall bedside tables as a better choice for this purpose. This also often used as a stand for holding a lamp, which can be easily switched off due to easy reach.


Types of desks change based on their use. Office use, school use, home use or other professional, academic or domestic activities may require different types of desks. A typical desk for home use may consist of a slightly sloped top and maybe one or two drawers. A desk in a room may be used for writing, studying or holding small essential items needed in the bedroom.


A dresser is pretty much similar to a closet, but it is usually wide and short, fitted with sliding drawers unlike a closet.This is a very prominent furnishing that is cherished among the girls, since it can store all their clothes, makeup accessories and other beauty items. Dressers with a mirror on top is called bureau and is often kept in close proximity to the bed.

Size of the bedroom also matters in choosing the above accessories. As a matter of fact, bedrooms can range from really simple to even fairly complex areas.Therefore, we need to choose them depending on both the need and space availability.